Sep 25, 2011
Grimmm (All reviews)
The sixth season! Well, technically I guess this would be the seventh since this one was split into two different shows, but it's the same characters/story anyway.

If you haven't watched the first season of this show there's really no point in watching this one.

So if you were expecting this season to have a few digidestined and partner digimon that gradually get stronger throughout the show you were dead wrong. This entire show focuses more on the "Xros [Cross] Fusion" rather than the normal rankings of Digimon (Rookie>Champion>Ultimate>Mega [Dub]). There really are no rankings actually. They don't look at an enemy and panic because it's a Mega level, but I digress. Taiki heads back into the Digital World, minus his two useless friends, and learns upon returning that 7 Death Generals have taken control of different zones in the Digital World. Interesting and cliche, eh?

Story: So yes, Taiki and Shoutmon return to the Digital World, meet up with old friends, learn what has been going on, and discover they have to defeat the 7 Death Generals in each zone in order to reach the ultimate bad guy boss, Bagramon. The story itself had potential. Yes, it's a pretty basic storyline, but it's also a kids show. If they had actually stuck to what makes Digimon, well, Digimon, then it would have been a different story. The whole Xros Fusion stick didn't really make the show interesting. They just keep combining more and more Digimon together in order to defeat the enemy. While I haven't finished the show yet (2 episodes to go), I doubt those 2 episodes will change my mind on this show.

Character: When I enjoy a show, it typically involves my enjoyment for a particular character. Unfortunately, I don't really like any character in this show. The main kid, Taiki, is really annoying. He's a total optimist and never wants to give up on someone. Boooooring. The other two characters, Nene and Kiriha, are of course different in personality, but they bring nothing interesting to the show. Nene, the girl, begins to trust the team more as she continues her search for her brother in the Digital World. Kiriha also becomes more trusting to the group, but he's still fitting the role of the "anti-hero" until the last bunch of episodes.

Enjoyment: I would have preferred this show a lot more if each human had their own partner digimon that gradually became stronger as the show went on. Sure, you could say that's typical if they need to evolve to Ultimate in order to beat an Ultimate, but that's what makes Digimon - the franchise.