Mar 25, 2022
Cute, Sweet, and Charming.

Those are the words I can describe for the whole series of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. From funny and cute schemes to the sweet and charming romance of the story. Watching their story makes me remember how beautiful and romantic my middle school days were. In other words, nostalgic.

Now, these large-fore-headed couples made another comeback for the third season of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. When the third season was announced, I couldn’t believe it and felt a huge excitement. I never expected this show would get another season, after 3 years of waiting. Knowing they will deliver again, another sweet romance for their hardcore fans, including me. And that never fails to amaze me. This will be my anime of the season.

The story took place after the events of season 2. It’s a usual day for Nishikata, as he still has not found a way to beat his nemesis, Takagi-san. But the story shifted its tone. From the first season of episodic teases of Takagi to the point when the gap between them, gradually became closer than ever. This season became a serious lighthearted romance and showed some schemes that had never been seen before. The story is kind to its viewers and the romance portrayal from enemies to close friends was very sweet. Every single moment of the show, especially the couple makes you giggle, entertain, and even smile. From the first season until the latest, the story and romance factors are still incredibly consistent. Some story parts were moving to its development, and some easter eggs were shown. Like in Moto Takagi-san's story, which was unexpected. Even you might say the story is still the same, you will get hooked over and over again I believe their story wouldn’t be the same as before. Because I can feel it they will reach their happily ever after.

The animation of the show evolved this season. I remember the first season’s animation was plain good. But the animation quality this season is fire. Shin-Ei animation studio's production style kept up with the animation style of other famous studios like Cloverworks and KyoAni. Especially the art sequence of the OP and ED. I noticed their foreheads became shinier than before. The art in every scene was superb and pretty handled well. I don’t have to say that much when it comes to art but I loved it.

This is one of the factors I love about this series. The music is heartwarming. The cool thing about its music is it used every OP of the show and made some variations for the soundtrack. I remember when Eufonious made many variations of True Tears’ OP in that show, and Sakurasou’s Days of Dash had a piano variation. Even in Clannad, I’d got to hear it. Many romance animes used that kind of skill in their soundtracks. We got to hear the cute variation of Iwanai no Kedo ne and Zero Centimeters from the previous seasons. But in this season, we heard Massugu variation, but this time, the singer hummed it. It’s so sweet and very suitable for every scene in the show. The OP is still amazing, but I prefer Zero Centimeters more. Even I didn't like the EDs that much, it's still pretty good.

What can I say about the characters? The main couple, Nishikata and Takagi were very written well. I remember when Nishikata hated Takagi because of her teasing moments. But his feelings bloomed because of his moments spend with Takagi. The two of them became true to their feelings for each other but the moments of their challenges to each other remain. Even I saw in Moto Takagi-san, they are still challenging each other. The other side characters were funny too, especially the side couples. The boys and the girls were funny as well. The development of Nishikata and Takagi is the one I wanted from this show. And that’s so charming.

I like this show, and it easily beats my top 10 favorite romance. This kind of romance story deserves to be recognized, loved, and appreciated by many audiences, especially romance fans. This kind of anime is the one you needed for if you want a solid romance with many cute gag scenes. I enjoyed it watching with my friends, siblings, and even my loved ones. I can’t imagine myself if I reach the conclusion of the series and I can wait to see the movie someday. All in all, this anime will be in my romance favorites and I’m glad to recommend this to everyone. This will be worth your time and will make you entertain to your heart's content.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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