Mar 25, 2022
I was honestly afraid of this season of Takagi-san. Now, after finishing, i'm glad my worries were unfounded.

My main worry was that, while being wonderful, season 1 and 2 had only a little of character development. I was worried we would get more of the same, which would still be good, but would have shattered my expectations.

If you began to love this series after the famous "critical hit", you won't be disappointed. Season 3 will deliver a TON of development, not only for Nishikata, but also for Takagi. The once pure and innocent teasing from her will slowly go from a strong friendship to actual love. Not that she didn't love him before, but she will actively hint it a lot more in this season. And, while Nishikata is as dense as your average rom-com protagonist, he is actually a kid, and for that reason, it makes sense he denies the obvious hints for a while. But, as the season develops, he will eventually start raising doubts, about his feelings and her feelings too.

The drawback is that this could be the conclusion, but it isn't. So, even though there is a movie next that will most likely conclude the series, this third season leaves a bittersweet feeling on you. It builds up so much and suddenly ends at a very sweet point, which can be a drawback for some.

Overall, i can safely say this is the best season so far. I can even say that, if you are currently on season one, wondering if this show ever goes anywhere and looking at reviews of the next seasons, then give it a go. Third season makes it so much worth it, and will exceed your expectations.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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