Mar 8, 2022
Preliminary (10/46 chp)
This manga is about rock festivals.... for kids. It's still good, but it's not the good old "alcohol, sex, and rock'n roll" festivals.

Story: The story is pretty straight forward. The main characters are either planning to go to a festival, or they are already at one. It's simple, yet surprisingly entertaining. And the thing that makes it interesting is seeing the difference between the first-timer, and the veterans. I like this story, but any readers that have no interest in music festivals will get bored, probably. With the fact that the manga is "only" 5 volumes, it's a nice and compact story that is short enough to end before it becomes repetitive.

The only thing this story lacks, is the sex appeal. When two men in their 20's goes to a rock festival and drink beer, they usually try to find some girls. Then again, maybe I'm the one that has been spending too little time on the music when I go to rock festivals... lol

Characters: There's two sets of characters that the story follows. The par of cute teenage girls. And the two men in their 20's. Both sides are enjoyable in different ways. But all the characters are well made and do seem relatable to the readers. Although there's no big originality to the characters, I still like them.

Overall, it's a nice slice-of-life story. The art is good enough to convey the feelings of the story, it's a light and easy going art style. The festivals themselves are well made and certainly seems like fun. Along with the chemistry of the characters it's a well made story. I like slice of life, and festival, so for me it's double the fun.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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