Sep 15, 2011
SakuraForever (All reviews)
Ideally, I would say that this is the place you would want to start if you are just getting into the Casshern series. Keeping this in mind, I would inform the readers of this review that I have seen the OVA and the more recent Casshern Sins anime. Unless you care nothing for the actual "story" then I would say proceed straight to Casshern Sins. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can start with Csins and have a grasp in what Casshern is all about. Though its story is interesting to say at least, it is told from a completely different perspective. This alone will, in fact, confuse the viewer when watching the original airs (even possibly the OVA).

NHC is one of the older animes dating back to the 1970s. It was where the popular character "Casshern" made his debut, a young man who would give his own life to realize his fathers dream. His father, a brilliant scientist, envisioned a world where machines would assist humanity in a variety of ways. Out of this, a powerful machine called Android BK-1 was created. It's purpose, was to be the ultimate benefactor for generations to come upon serving humanity. But the machine eventually became self aware, turned on its creators and assumed power and dominion. For a sign of any hope in stopping the android, Tetsuya Azuma (the young man I mentioned before) is willingly turned into "Casshern" by his own father. He is no longer a mere human, but part android with superior strength and fighting capabilities.

I'm not exaggerating when I say for a 70s show, the art isn't as complicated as one would figure. This show retained acceptable animation for its time, though it has its share of limits with it being so old to begin with. The animation is indeed colored, and machines are drawn to fit their descriptions of breaking apart and attacking. Most importantly, Casshern is design with some likable features of unique jumping and combat motions to "awe" the viewers attention.

The sound work here isn't the shows strong point. It was the creators intention in my opinion to give the viewers unparalleled action scenes for its time. I found many themes corny to be honest, I say this outta having watching the anime as recently. If I were to go back in the 70s and had watched this, I probably would of enjoyed some of the work here better.

As I mentioned, Casshern's purpose of design was to preform things and measures seen as unique to his audience. For his time and adaption, he has become the centerfold of discussion on how far you can push man and machine intertwined. His impressive skills and abilities should capture any loyalist to the genre. Outside of him, you have a sidekick that being a robotic dog better known as Friender. The dog is a welcomed addition to the pairing and is seen as a staple in Casshern's continuing development. Other characters like Luna, BK-1, etc. play their roles when it is apparent, but the show is clearly dominated by Casshern's performances and actions.

In short, NHC clearly was on the road to better adaptions and quality. The show clearly needed vast improvements in storytelling, but if you can look behind its 70s feel and not-so catchy themes then try it out. I figure it to be a very important watch for true Casshern fans alike.