Jan 14, 2022
Sabak (All reviews)
First three episodes were really, really amazing, characters were likeable, the chemistry between them were good, dialogue were good too. The first story about Mai, its really masterpiece and for me is better like a lot of romantic movies and anime series. The puberty syndrom is really interesting and you really thinking about it and maybe in some situation you will see yourself. But then we have another three episode and they are really not bad, but they are totally waste of potencional. The second story is about Koga, but unlike Mai, she is important only for this three epsiodes, for the rest of the series she is almost does not exist and i want to ask, why they introduce character what is absolutlly pointless for the series? Why they do not focus on Mai and her returnig to the role of icon and her relationship with Sakuta and how hard is for them to be together, because Mai work to be idol need a lot of time, this three episodes could be use for more interesting stories, but whatever. The last two stories are good. The main problem is the a repetitiv template, Sakuta find a problem, Sakuta ask help Futaba, Futaba tell us theory of the problem, Sakuta solve the problem. In the first story its working, but if you see it in the next and the next story, you are dissapointed of that. But after all i really enjoyed this anime and i recommend the series everyone, who like romantic and mysterious anime. For me 7