Jan 14, 2022
rkraiem100 (All reviews)
Non-spoiler review:

This show is an insult to steins gate fans. The problem is its DECEPTIVELY terrible. It hooks you in early on with promises of intrigue and conspiracy only for any and all potential to be wasted by episode 7 or so. The next 10 episodes or so are effectively just more buildup for a twist so obvious that I thought the actual twist I couldn't believe Steins;Gate of all series did it. Finally it concludes with blatantly ignoring nearly all established lore from the original and introducing so many plot holes its actually impressive.

- More plotholes than there are worldlines in the series
- Some of the worst twists I've ever seen in fiction.
- The worst villain of all time.
- Blatantly ignoring established character development and world building
- Horrible animation at many points
- Bringing up plotpoints only to be dropped and ignored 5 seconds later

Its very hard to describe the problems with this show without spoilers. Lets just say I was considering doing a video review of the series and then dropped the idea after realizing it is so fundamentally flawed that doing so would require me to dedicate a full video for every episode, because each episode is just that bad.

I would give this a 0 if I could. I'd unironically rather watch School Days, Chaos;Head and Sword Art Online back to back. There is beyond no redeeming value here, it will actively detract from the greatness of the original.