Jan 14, 2022
Marco_Yooo (All reviews)

After being absolutely amazed by the Movie, i was very excited when i heard that Ufotable re-airs Demon Slayer:Infinity-Train with additional scenes. I know a lot of people where dissapointent that the start of the Entertainment District Arc got delayed, but you have to accept the fact that there were still a lot of people who haven´t watched the movie when it was out in cinema. Now that i rewatched the movie in TV-Format i can safely say that it does a fantastic Job at refining the Action of the original film.

Story - 8/10

The story starts out simple and gets more intense as the arc goes on. The idea of manipulating dreams has been done before, but the way Demon Slayer does it was still very appealing. I wasn´t sure how they were gonna put such a small fragment of the manga into the show without stretching it, but the Pacing was really good and the story builds up the tension perfectly. The final fight is definitely one of the most epic battles that i have ever seen! An other great thing about this arc is that it also works really well as a drama with some heartbreaking sequences.

Animation - 10/10

I have seen a lot of beautifully animated Shows and i have given only 6 out of 170 Shows a perfect score in this category. The only Anime that can be compared to Demon Slayers animation are Studio Triggers "Promare" , Makoto Shinkais "Weathering with You" and Ufotables own production "Fate/stay night : Heavens Feel". This is without a doubt one of the best looking anime of all time. The camera work is outstanding, making excellent use of the Train setting of the film. The effects animation for the different breathing techniques are like candy to the eye and every fight is dynamic and fluid. Ufotable has definitely earned it´s reputation as one of the most consistently great studios in existence and i´m really looking forward to how they will top this Movie in the future!

Sound - 9/10

The soundtrack from this movie can truly be described by the word "epic". The Opening "Akeboshi" from the TV-Edit serves as a wonderful entry into the show. Every character theme in this movie is fantastic, with my favorite being Insoukes Theme. There is also a nice piano version of the legendary "Tanjiro Kamado no Uta" . The Sounddesign is also great with a really bass-heavy style.Truly a feat to the ears!

Characters - 9/10

The biggest reasons why i gave a 9 for the characters is Kyoujurou Rengoku. During the short timeframe of this arc he established himself as my favorite character from Demon Slayer for now. I love his way of showing emotions and how fearless he charges into battle. I also think his desing looks awesome! Tanjiro is likeable as always and a protagonist who you find yourself rooting for instantly. Inosuke and Zenitsu make their return as sidekicks and although they can get annoying, i think they worked well in this movie, especially Inosuke. Nezuko is of course back and is as cute (and frightening) as ever. We also get introdued to a completely new anthagonist who i am really interested in seeing again in season 2.

Enjoyment - 10/10

This Movie was a thrilling ride from start to finish. The last third was an emotional rollercoaster.The TV-Verson enhanced the final fight beautifully, making it one of the best in anime history. I think that this is an Audiovisual Masterpiece and a must watch for every Shounen Fan!

- Marco_Yooo