Jan 14, 2022
fernandoemh (All reviews)
Decent art, good soundtrack. Generic isekai harem story and characters, terrible dialogue, characters with weak motives and unexpected changes in personality.

Unforgivable pedophile themes and pedo enabling art direction. The teacher looks like she's 10, Yue, the protagonist's girlfriend looks like she's 12. The merfolk girl they take into the group at the end looks like she is 7.

While Yue is unconscious during one of the first episodes, where they make her look like she is 10, making her wear barely anything, the first thing the protagonist does is kiss her and tell her they are now a couple, along other absurd crap, and she gains power and purpose from this sole event, making it look like it's totally normal, cause she might look like a middle schooler but she says she is a 300+ year old vampire.

Bullshit. Shit like this is what makes the anime community look like shit. And anyone who defends this kind of plot, art direction and stories unironically, needs serious help.