Jan 14, 2022
barishzl (All reviews)
This anime series has one of the best animation but still this is not the only good thing in this anime.

So many people saying that "ufotable is carrying the whole show with animations and it's story is below average." of course they wanted to make the anime adaptation of this manga they will carry how far they can. Demons are common on so many anime but if an anime/movie/tv show does make you feel connected with characters emotionally that much, sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, sad or happy and makes you wonder what will happen next "in my opinion" it has decent story. Same goes with Demon Slayer. Of course it has mediocre episodes, most of these episodes are for building the background. And most of the jokes are funny in my opinion.
I see some people say "there are a lot of good thing for this anime but story is not good" and rate 2/10. Don't be funny. A lot of good things made you rate 2/10?

Overall I really like the anime. It has easily one of the best animation, good story, unique characters, decent soundtracks (soundtracks really fit well) and unique visual design.