Jan 14, 2022
The_Cmoose (All reviews)
"Kimi wa Kikoeru?"

Can you hear the sound of my voice?

Gurren Lagann is a series that levels you up as an otaku. It makes the lads into men. The lasses into ladies. It is going to break you out of every ceiling you have artificially put on your own life.

This show leads with a strong right hook followed up by a headbutt. Its big, dumb, brash, and it acts completely on impulse. It encourages you to do the same. Through a series of ever escalating stakes, our heroes defy expectation, logic, and in a few cases the laws that govern our universe to bring about change.

It practices what it preaches too. Gainax employees have commented that they intentionally gave animators who were seasoned and experienced with certain scenes the polar opposite to work on. Mech fight animators were given close, interpersonal scenes of dialogue. Character animators were give bonkers big mech fights. These professionals were put outside of their comfort zones which meant they had to adapt and use their base instincts.

Of all the great quotes in Anime this series has a few of my favorites.

"Let me see you grit those teeth."

"Believe in the me that believes in you"

"This is the drill that will pierce the heavens"

Gurren Lagann is the less gloomy, far dumber but equally as bright younger sister to Evangelion. The two make an excellent companion piece if you want to watch them that way.

Break some ceilings weebs, we don't need them anyway.