Jan 14, 2022
The_Cmoose (All reviews)
What is there to say about this franchise that hasn't already been said?

This review is completely biased and unobjective, thus failing as a review at all.

But, I want to add my voice to the thousands who have given this show the legacy it has earned.

I watched the entirety of Neon Genesis Evangelion in June of 2021. This series had been out for 26 years. I had tangentially known about Eva ever since I stumbled across video essays on it on YouTube at the age of 13. I never watched those videos then, why would I? I was a kid I barely knew what anime was.

But the fact that there are hundreds of them spoke to me. The amount of analysis, documentation, conjecture and discussion about this series fascinated me. Having watched all of it, I can understand why.

Eva sticks with people. You can find a small part of yourself in all of the characters. It's probably an ugly part of yourself that you'd sooner forget but it is there.

Iconic sound and art direction coupled with one of the all time greatest OP's in A Cruel Angel's Thesis, makes the show's visual and soundscape unforgettable.

The soundscape especially is something I see get passed over frequently. The constant, maddening wailing of cicadas. The mechanical tones of the NERV HQ computer displays. The low constant humming of the interior of the entry plugs. The sound the angels make when they fire massive purple crosses at the cast. The terrifying crescendo of the train alarms during the series most psychological introspective moments. The soundscape of this series stays with you.

Evangelion has earned its place in the pantheon of essential viewing for any anime fan. You are allowed to disagree, but there are collegiate dissertations that have been published that will dissent with that opinion.