Sep 10, 2011
deadeaddead (All reviews)
This show was amazing. It had brilliant music which fit perfectly with the scenes, great art which was beautiful and awesome characters. It also had an amazing story...... at the start of the series that is.

Art: 9
The animation was beautiful like I said before. Great graphics, lighting, colour, just made me happy =D. It was all lies to try and deceive me.

Sound: 10
Other than the bitchy crying 24/7, outstanding sound. The music at most scenes was wonderful and fit perfectly. The voices did too, but I haven't heard such great music that sorta made me feel good in other shows. I feel weird talking.. or typing about how I feel. Oops I did it again.

Character: 8
Not much to say here, these characters were original. I would give it a 10 if it wasn't for Gauche's stupid memory loss thing which caused him to think he was Noir and leave HER POOR SISTER BEHIND JUST LIKE THAT EVEN THOUGH HE SAID HE'D HELP HER FIX HER LEGS. What the fuck.. now that I think about it...... WHY, NOT, ASK, DOCTOR THUNDERLAND FOR SURGERY?

Enjoyment: 6
I enjoyment-ed nothing. Nothing from the story plot. But the music and art was enjoymentingfull =D. (My own word)

Now to the story.

Story: 3
Letter Bee left us with a cliffhanger. Reverse continued on from that, with a story which pretty much says "Fck you all, we're gonna hide the story behind Lag's mother, the artificial sun and gonna take away Gauche with all his memories gone like the assholes we are, you motha fckers can go watch Pokemon." Well fk you people too. This continued series solves NONE of the questions people may have, all it does is give more questions like a fking math teacher, and tells us to solve it or leave it. And then we're left thinking of what might have the story about Lag's mother and the Sun been about.

Overall: 3
I loved season 1.
Hell with season 2.