Sep 7, 2011
sodr2 (All reviews)
I came in expecting big things. I came out with bruises cause the thing that was inside was HUGE it took up most of the room!! This is just too adorable, with a little bit of dry humor in it that makes it so refreshing like this can of pepsi I was just drinking. I mean it's 2 am now, yet after watching this, my mind subconsciously thinks its 2 xu (ie the time keeping system used in Happiness land). How many times in our lives have we all thought to ourselves "Nyoron," when we couldn't get what we wanted, whether it be smoked cheese (materialistic gain) or Kyon-kun (emotional satisfaction), so this is kind of depressing too if you think about it.

Episode #5 stands out for me the most. #11 also touched upon something interesting when the blue haired girl wanted to cross out her name on a test to "identify" with her crush, yet it turns out he wrote his name all along. I've always believed in following what you believed rather than letting other's opinions influence yours, because if you follow them and suddenly their opinions change, you'd be stuck... that's not to say you can't take their opinions in the first place as long as it's rooted within reason. This way, when you find out that they "had their name written all along," you'd still be safe.

*realizes a pattern in the last 3 reviews written on MAL where not more than 30% found my reviews helpful, while glancing at this one*
Nyoron... (jk)... 13 episodes x 2 min = 26 minutes, all you have to spare... recommended!