Dec 29, 2021
It's just that, my dude thought it was best to live a quiet life. It was amazing to watch said quiet life.

I thought I'd get into this seasonal because it looked good despite it being a "generic isekai" which is somehow synonymous with modern fantasy, but that is a debate for another time. Anyhow, Shin no Nakama is an exceptional anime with the correct amount of everything mixed perfectly enough for it to be taken seriously without any kind of creases being visible enough for it to tumble on itself as quickly as it started up. It's even good enough to come up with some thought-provoking ideas.

What may look like a run-of-the-mill story is actually a genuinely developed work featuring a detailed plot, enough so that there is a substantial amount of info and lore to at the very least keep you immersed. It's true, that relative to other fantasy anime out there, this one fails to bring out some kind of unique content (although, more on that soon), however with the story managing to make use of literally everything you'd expect in a grand story, this just comes across as surface-level masterpiece, or in other words, it is there on the ground waiting to take off as other supposed masterpieces out there in the medium. What makes it a little faulty was the start-up mix between the slow life side and the fantasy side of things having awkward match-ups with easy transitions that'd kill the former side with boring content of the latter. Boring is a little harsh though, it is more, ironically enough, slow. This all changes around episode 7 onwards, however, where the quality drastically improves as every set-up piece serves its purpose well enough to enhance characters and the setting. That for me, not only improved the watching experience but also brought around some nice philosophy I wouldn't have really expected to see here. Truth be told, such ideas come later in the series so I have no intention of spoiling them in this review, but the questions that arise here are interesting to even reflect on in reality as you watch it. It's a good idea.

What honestly made me want to watch this was how this was a romance (who doesn't like wholesome love??). I have to say, in a series as Shin no Nakama, the romantic chemistry is indeed amazing, literally chef d'oeuvre relationship between Red and Rit, I haven't seen something this natural in a long while, and it isn't the kind of romance to shoujo its way to a *confession* in the final episode. It is like, already happening. Happening well. It's a healthy relationship between two individuals who actually understand each other and indeed do love each other. It's one of the selling points in the series and if I had to suggest this for fans of the genre, this is a real go-to if anything. I wouldn't even advise being cynical about the relationship, I really mean it when these two characters love each other, it is a truly wholesome bliss that doesn't find its way into the medium without something drama or the likes taking place. A very natural bond that can only be equally as loved as the couple are with each other.

The production values kinda annoy me here. It isn't bad, it's baseline, but this really tried to push itself to the point where a few awkward moments would show up. Of course, this is a minor complaint, but it kinda ruins some intense scenes so it isn't something that I can honestly praise in a down-to-earth fashion. But honestly, this looks pretty good for a fantasy anime and ignoring the imperfections, most scenes here are something that even impresses its own standards. Otherwise, I wouldn't expect the world here, that's also true for most of the OST. I do bang on about how sometimes memorable stuff makes the moments and what have you better, because it is true, and whilst I would like to say that something simple doesn't necessarily need a true punch in the memory of you to like something, I've seen actual good simple anime manage to pull off some amazing OST regardless. Kinda a shame the same is true for this anime but hey, it is what it is.

So, would I recommend this? 100%, stuff here is truly amazing, and nothing like the other fantasy anime that I've seen before. It's a dark horse in my eyes, in this dry season with literally 3 good shows and that is it. I am happy that this fantasy anime, overshadowed by the garbage history of Japanese light novel copypasta, is actually something very decent and worthy of immense praise. It's a blessing this has come to be, being very serious here, and I wish to see more as such in the future.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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