Sep 5, 2011
DrAgNmAsTr (All reviews)
Wow, looks like many people are really hating this right now. Many people want the mysterious and twisted stories back with this, but instead they get some fan service. What do i say about it? Well since it's just an OVA, you can obviously not expect Anything storylike in it, which many people don't seem to understand (OVAs like Hellsing are rare okay, you don't really get story filled OVAs). More than 80% of OVAs are just for fan service, if you haven't known.. I know it may have seemed like it tainted the killer loli character, but some of us like to see them fooling around for once. If you don't want to see that then well, just don't watch this.

Alright now for the review. It actually has that higurashi feel to it, so it's not complete BS. K and the Soul Brothers are here(returning from Rei) and while Kei is complaining about losing those punishment games, the Soul Brothers! encourage him into winning and they imagine all these kind've of things if they win with each female character(Takano Miyo was my favorite;D).
The animation is the best out of all the series and the imaginations they have are just funny as hell.
I am a little disappointed in how Eiko Shimamiya hasn't sung the Op, but I guess she can't do every one. Right, the Op and Ed are really different compared to Rei in the more happy, joyful way so... well yeah thats that ( I honestly liked the others better).
But all in all, i thought this was pretty decent and can't wait to see what embarassing situations they have ready to show us next.
[Ep 2 Edit]
Ummm, alriight... the 2nd ep has what all the 1st ep haters were screaming for, No Fanservice! Just a complete mess really. So they killed the fanservice and turned it into a elementary school magical girl story. And well it just sucked. It starts out with Rika and Satoko dreaming and landing in another world. Then "Tokyo Magika" wreaks havoc on Hinamizawa and a foggy mist which confuses everyone besides those two makes everyone crazy and delusional. Rika and Satoko somehow deal with that and then what? A Giant Monster appears and its mahou shoujo Rika time! How original!(Well it wasn't as if i was expecting something original from that story) Not interesting at all and it makes you feel like you just wasted 30 precious minutes of your life.(Nope, there are no hot Takano Miyo scenes in this one...I actually think it ruined her image.)I Highly suggest you Skip this one, but continue on watching the others.
It looks like all of them will be a certain kind of genre, 1st was Fanservice, 2nd was Mahou Shoujo, and now the 3rd one will be romance. Yes finally! All the Keiichi and Mion couple lovers will have their dreams come true!! Or will it be with Shion? Who knows, we'll have to wait 'till the 3rd OVA comes out.