Sep 4, 2011
Surgical (All reviews)
"If there's anything you want, anything at all...come to me. I'll be your guardian angel."

STORY WARNING: the story is slow paced and tedious so if you know you dont have the patience to watch anything that progresses that slow I wouldn't watch it.

Art: The art isn't like most anime and has a dark appeal to it. I'd classify the anime as a cyberpunk, because the setting looks really desolate, dark, and not much human life about.

Sound: The opening was techno-ish and related to the quote I put above, and the ending was GACKT. Who couldn't love GACKT? They also included an ending song for the final episode that was really heartbreaking.

Character: The protagonist isn't like other cliche protagonist you see. Ichise was the opposite of that. He barely talked, but fit the story well. Most of the characters in this story aren't what you usually see in an anime as well

Enjoyment: It's one of my favorite anime's because it's a breathe of fresh air. It's the opposite of everything that you would watch today, and really original. I recommend it to anyone that has the patience and time to watch it.