Sep 3, 2011
Surgical (All reviews)
Kimi ni todoke kataomoi is basically a recap of the first season and not really needed to watch to go onto the second season. I'd only recommend this if you endured the long wait for the second season and want to refresh your memory from the first season.

The recap is told through Kurumi as you can remember, she is the antagonist and tries every way possible to hinder Sawako and Kazehaya from falling for each other because she likes Kazehaya as well. As she recalls all the memories she experienced from last season she walks to a store to buy chocolates for Valentine's day for who else but Kazehaya. As the story comes to a close it sets you up for the concluding season for Kimi ni Todoke.

The OP and ED for Kataomoi are very good in fact and relate to the story very well. The OP and ED are also used in the second season, so the story recaps the first season and gets you into the right mood as well.

There wasn't nothing special about the art or characters that changed than the first season, so not much to say about them rather than they didn't change.

This isn't a must watch, but a very good follow up for the second season for kimi ni todoke.