Dec 4, 2021
Preliminary (8/? eps)
Please bear in mind that this review will only cover the first 8 episodes of Digimon Ghost Game, but I'll probably update it once the show has concluded. This is my first ever written review on this site, but I'm a passionate Digimon fan who has been around since the '90s, I've been watching a lot of it to make proper comparisons to the shows we've had, don't worry, I'll leave it spoiler-free and try to take off my nostalgia goggles for any newcomers to the franchise of Digimon. Okay so Digimon Ghost game is a brand new Digimon title but adds a good amount of darker tones, not quite horror but suggestive implications of horror, but it retains the cheerful and adventurous wacky feeling of previous titles before it. Those who have been watching Digimon Tamers might feel very similar beats as it was also considered to be one of the darker seasons that have been made. But I hear you ask, Is it any good? Based on 8 episodes so far, the show is very creative, fun and the combat seems to be way more engaging which has been a good direction for the franchise. I like the heroes, but I do have two issues that I'm hoping to see addressed as the show continues, one which is the phasing of the story progression and the second being deeper character development. But if you're a fan or a newcomer, no matter if an adult or kid, there's much to enjoy here!
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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