Jun 28, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. The title was He is my Master, and yet I didn’t see the possibilities of fan service at all.

I’m not into fan service (unless it’s fan service for girls, which is rare) and usually too much fan service hinders me from liking an anime, but for some reason, this anime wasn’t too bad. The story was ok, a bit mediocre (to be expected from ecchi series, huh), it was kinda funny at times, and it was easy to understand. Also, for some reason, I didn’t think the fan service here was not as vulgar as in other ecchi series I’ve seen, like Maburaho. Maybe the fact that the fan service was an integral part of the series made me think that way. I would also like to note that it ended considerably well, and was able to match my expectations.

Another huge cast of characters in this one. Surprisingly, the main characters (Izumi, Mitsuki, Anna and Yoshitaka) had good chemistry among them. As for the other characters, they lacked charisma and forgettable. What’s even more annoying is the fact that they introduced one more character towards the end (as if there weren’t enough characters for a 12 episode anime already) and I can’t remember her name either. All that I remember is that she’s just as annoying as Izumi, who’s probably one of the dimmest anime characters I have seen. Mitsuki was cool though – she was cutesy, but not annoying. Same goes for their younger sister Karin, who’s twice as adorable as Mitsuki.

Speaking of the characters, they have to be the horniest cast of characters I’ve seen ever since please teacher! Everything dirty you can think of is in this anime – Lolicons, a dominatrix, S&M, incest, pedophilia, girl to girl love love and more. That incest bothered me the most, but it was discreet and disappeared from the storyline after Karin was introduced, so I forgot about it a bit.

Drawing style was average. The landscapes, colors and details were really good, and there was even use of CG (Minimal), but the people were poorly drawn. I am surprised at the quality of the art style shown during the ending theme sequence – I’m assuming they’re from the manga version. If so, The manga version definitely had better illustrations.

The music was okay. For some reason, I felt the opening didn’t compliment the series very well – something was a bit off. However, I did like the ending theme. It was cutesy, and it was definitely for the anime. The BGM wasn’t bad either, if not, it was good. It fit the scenes very well, and I like the BGM that was played whenever Izumi would show off some skin and Pochi the alligator would get all hot and bothered (I can’t believe I said “hot and bothered”) The voice acting wasn’t bad either. I thought it matched the characters very well, and I didn’t think it went against the characters’ personalities.

I have to say it wasn’t bad. All throughout I kept thinking to myself that it was better than Maburaho, the last ecchi I have seen. I’m not a fan of ecchi at all too, so saying that this anime wasn’t bad means I’m speaking highly of it.