Nov 28, 2021
Mixed Feelings
"A wavy flaxen hair, seemingly mischievous canine teeth and this voluptuous body. Yeah this girl is... isn't this my little sister?!"

Story: The first episode is about a guy that goes to a mixer party that his friend has set up, just to finds his sister, Mina, there among the girls, and everything build up to them fucking. The second one is about Sayaka, another down bad sister that makes a hole in the wall between her and her brother's bedroom, in hopes of luring him to fuck her.

Art: Great art, clean lines and I loved the pink led lighting effect on the first episode. Animations is very smooth. Good angles.

Sound: The girl's voices were good, the boys' ok. Sound effects were a bit "splashey", but I really liked it. Soundtrack was jazzy on the first episode and more cheerfully soft on the second.

Character: I didn't really like the characters and the variety of girls was really small. Mina was a little bit annoying, Sayaka just plain boring and their lazy designs didn't make up for it. Even the other girls from the first episode looked a bit better, but they barely had any screentime.

Enjoyment: The first episode was good enough and the idea of a mixer party is also interesting and unique, but I think just one guy there would've been more than enough. The second episode was boring, slow paced and dragged quite a bit.

Overall: Fair fap material, for the looks alone. Maybe worth it if you're crazy about sister stuff, but this falls into a weird category that the girls aren't old enough to be onee-sans, but also aren't petite enough to be rightfully called onee-chans.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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