Nov 25, 2021
kchakrak (All reviews)
I love calming, healing anime like Sweetness & Lightning, Barakamon, etc. As someone with a rather stressful life I find them extremely peaceful and calming. This show might seriously be one of, if not the best, examples of this genre I've ever seen. We all have dreams, and our lives have probably turned out differently from how we once dreamt. This is a show that explores how life is, and you wanted life to be once upon a time. Honestly, if I watched this when I was 16 this might have changed how I looked at my future (for the record, I'm extremely happy with my life, but I lacked focus once).

Now for more on it as an anime. I love both the leads, they're different enough to have chemistry and very quickly form a sisterly bond. This really helps progress the show, but the side characters are no slouches either. Each one is has their own complexity and issues of their own and you feel a real community within this world. I mean the tagline is 'The Two Girls Met In The Ruins Of Damaged Dream' and that is absolutely their vibe. The show starts with one failed dream and what was probably a minor nervous breakdown because of it, so you instantly feel empathy towards the characters, but I never found myself pitying them, which is definitely good.

The sound and art are all superb, but subtle. Nothing is designed to take away from the central experience, only add to it. I get the real impression that there was a real vision in mind and a story to be told, everything was built around that focus.

This is an Iyashikei. Your enjoyment hinges completely on your feelings towards that genre. It is a great example of the genre, though. Personally I highly recommend it for people of any age. While I'm not a parent I wonder if parents of young kids might get even more than I did out of this.