Nov 25, 2021
Banana-Pudding (All reviews)
I had heard a lot about Miss Nagatoro through.....various..websites, let's just say. So I was expecting a rather ecchi-ish anime. What I got was a rather wholesome and amazing slice of life show. There were even some rather heart warming moments that tugged at the heart. I'll make it short why I give it a 9/10.

1.) The lead male and female character- Hachioji and Nagatoro are freakin' perfection when it comes to interactions. They play so well of each other. Hachioji (or Senpai) goes through really good development. His character isn't super unique or anything, but he's well written. The super star of the show is Nagatoro of course. Some may say she's just a tsun, but I think she's more. You can see complex layer to her character's trait. She may be predictable as well, but she hits it out of the ball park. The drawing and animation of her is just top notch. I seriously could watch a whole season of just these two hanging out with each other.

2.) Supporting cast - Nagatoro's friends are hilarious. I can't count how many times I laughed my ass off at how corny they are. They don't really get much development, but you can kind of tell what kind of people they are. The show really brightened up more when they were introduced.

3.) I already mentioned it, but the animation and VA are so damn good. Ok, they were good for the main characters (a lot of background characters were drawn without eyes- I'm guessing so they don't stand out?). It's a beautiful anime in aesthetic form.

All that said, the show isn't perfect. Episode 1 starts off rather stale- in fact I quit the first time I watched it. But I'm glad I gave it another chance because this anime is really really good. The plot, well if you can call it that- moves slow? It's not a bad thing though. You see, the plot IS Nagatoro and her senpai's interaction, so you don't mind. But things don't really "happen" until the later in the show.

Over all, if you like cute girls, great character interactions, amazing VA and animation, and slice of life mixed with moments of lewdness, this show will definitely capture your heart like it did mines!