Apr 21, 2008
Mystic_Dreamer (All reviews)
If I were to describe Hana-Kimi in one word it would have to be: HILARIOUS. This manga is 75% of the time comedy filled. I guarantee, especially for those looking for a romantic high school drama, that Hana-Kimi will give you a run for your money.

Now, how many people will crossdress and secretly attend an all boys just to meet their idol? Not very many, although there might be those select few of you out there (How you pull that off is beyond me. n_n;; But good luck to you). Anyway... Miizuki Ashiya does just that. This somewhat simple gesture turns her world, also those of her male classmates upside down--even going as far as making one of them believe that he is gay! It's a giggle-fest all the way and it is just too irresistable.