Jun 28, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
I think that this is one important anime in an Otaku\'s life. This shows how we as Otakus live and try to mingle with people like us. Some few things that I learned are that male otakus like cat ears, maid outfits, childhood friend or little sister like characters. Two, real Otakus take everything anime/manga related seriously.

This is the anime that got me back into being an Otaku. It brought back so many memories that I decided to live my old life and spend all my money on anime memorabilia once again. The anime made me wish I could go to the Comiket (?). I\'m not sure but I think that\'s what they call the manga fest the guys go to.

A few things bother me though. One, why is Kohsaka always smiling? The fact that he\'s infinitely happy bothers me. When his girlfriend Kasukabe was crying, he was still smiling. Weird. Two, at some point, these two have to break up sooner or later, right? I get the feeling that it\'s not going to work between them.

Illustrations were good enough - nothing special about them, just the usual stuff. I do like the clothes design though. The detail on Ohno\'s cosplaying outfits are really great, and most of Kasukabe\'s clothes weren\'t bad either. I would like to note that there\'s a difference in the drawing style of the Genshiken characters and the Kujibiki Unbalance characters shown in the anime. Personally, I prefer the drawing style in Kujibiki Unbalance since it is different and more interesting to look at.

The extra scenes from guilty gear, mostly seen when Kohsaka is playing video games was impressive at first, but then again, has anybody else noticed that the same scene is replayed over and over again? Is this because Kohsaka plays in one uniform pattern or is it because it costs more to use different guilty gear scenes?

The music wasn\'t bad - I had no problems with the background music, opening and ending themes. I love how \"my pace\" was upbeat and had high energy, and the ending song, \"biidama\" was very mellow and relaxing. A perfect way to end an episode. I also like the kujibiki unbalance theme. I\'m probably not the first to say that it is a cuter opening theme for the real kujibiki unbalance.

Another thing that I realized from watching Genshiken is that I too, want to watch Kujibiki Unbalance. It just seems like if it\'s good enough for Sasahara and the others, it must be good for me too.