Aug 25, 2011
SlayerJim (All reviews)
After watching the awesome Ronin Warriors shows and the first two ovas that were great I felt that this wouldn't be bad either so I watched it without any thought of the fact that this was going to be A GOD AWFUL PIECE OF SH**.

Unlike the Ronin Warriors show and previous ovas that were full of triumphant fights scenes and awesome 80s music we just get the complete opposite. Its mostly a bunch of flashback footage with a voice over of the characters whining about some emotional crap for about 95% of each episode with the only story being in the very beginning and very end of each episode . Each episode is supposed to be about each warrior but you just get annoyed and want to punch the screen in the face almost the whole time of the actual story focuses on this annoying ghost lady named Suzunagi that is extremely creepy and turns this into some emo stuff. You don't get any awesome opening theme at the beginning to get you pumped up either it just shows the title then starts the episode and the ending theme is just some creepy and mellow song with all the visuals about Suzunagi's history and stuff. This is a giant bullet in the head for the series and unfortunately this was the last we see of this series. I actually giving this ova series more credit than it deserves but ya its really bad and probably the worst thing I ever seen.