Oct 13, 2021
I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this show. I guess I can only describe it as a rollercoaster ride, and they won't let you get off. In a bad way.
I'm not sure if the show knew what it wanted to be; Starting out as a "monster of the week" type of show, fully diverts it's course mid-way to become a fun time travel romp. I won't say it went full steins;gate, cause that show's actually great and this dynamic doesn't last either. All in all, the only thing I can truly say about this piece is: I was so confused.

At least the characters were decent. Nao didn't feel like a stereotypical tsundere, created only to make the male protagonist look good. She wasn't great, but she's not a sinner. And while I think his character went to sh*t by the end, Yuu is not a bad protagonist for a story in this setting. Maybe if they'd decided what they wanted the story to be and commit, instead of dropping a hint and then not mentioning it for 6 eps. By the end, when they want to reintroduce a character that appeared in episode 1, I was genuinely confused at who she was supposed to be, when I had seen her episode the day before. That is how irrelevant that part of the story ends up being by the end.

Anyways, I did like it. It was an experience. If you're over 24, I recommend enhancing it.