Aug 23, 2011
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Asada, Ryutaro was an extremely skilled surgeon who had worked at a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) however; after the country’s war ended, he came back to Japan and disappeared. Dr. Katou is an assistant-professor who is looking for someone skilled enough to perform a Batista operation [volume reduction left ventriculoplasty] (which has an extremely high mortality rate, by the way) for her thesis and she’d set her eyes on Dr. Asada who has been missing for three years. However lucky for her, she had just caught sight of him.

Firstly, Team Medical Dragon does have an EXCEPTIONALLY cheesy and unoriginal name, I just had to say it but unfortunately still, despite its supposedly righteous and honourable meaning, the plot and characters just aren’t… Attractive.

It lacked suspense and well, SOMETHING. I mean there is no NEED, there isn’t anything to achieve except the thesis and there are NO twists. I know some fans of the story will be mad out of their wits BUT! It’s true, it’s interesting when you read it but if you stop, even for a bathroom break, you wouldn’t feel any need to continue with the series.

I know, what a downer.

But that’s it, that’s why I wouldn’t vehemently recommend this, why the story hasn’t achieved high marks, it lacked the push factor to keep the story going and while the author tries, and I mean really tries to find sub-plots, it just isn’t happening. The characters I liked a bit and some characters had got some sympathy out of me but because of the limp and lame plot, it just didn’t work out for them.

The illustrations were slightly detailed, shaded, and mildly proportional.
That’s about it.

I know some of you may be thinking why it is that I’m not writing paragraphs upon paragraphs emphasizing my hate or love for the story and it is because it’s just…

Good, okay, alright, fine.

There is nothing that really incites major hatred, love, or even enthusiasm; it’s just a story that may come your way and you might read it and you may like it and then you will go on with your life. It isn’t earth-shattering, or boredom-shattering or any of those good shatterings, it’s just okay.

However, if you are looking for Manga that critiques the Japanese medical world I’d recommend ‘Say Hello to Black Jack’ [] because it’s less politically driven unlike Team Medical Dragon, which pretty much only talks about the greatness of the Batista Team and how much hospital politics and doctor’s attitudes suck.

In ‘Say Hello To Black Jack’ the main character looks at both sides of medicine; the patient’s side and the doctor’s side’ while critiquing treatment and mentalities in the hospital more aggressively than Team Medical Dragon. And the best part of all is that it has suspense AND twists [and a better title, but you didn't hear it from me].
Joy to the world!

So off with you and forget about Team Medical Dragon before you read it and THEN forget about it, I mean what a waste of time when there are good books out there, right? And remember to read ‘Say Hello To Black Jack’ if you are interested in bashing the Medical field.