Sep 25, 2021
lesfiches1600 (All reviews)
So I won't go into categories, or else you won't catch the problem with this series.

The art is really good, the pace of the show is great and entertaining. I even wished they slow-paced Rettousei second season to fit this so we could enjoy more and understand more too about it. The OSTs are quite good also.

In conclusion it's a great watch. Only if you didn't watch anything of the Rettousei before. And even then I wouldn't advise it, because Rettousei is still much better and this show is just ruining it.

The biggest issue this spin off has is that the story is not coherent with the main anime.

Spoilers ahead

In the arc of Blanche, they act like Miyuki's friend had some info about some guy that was linked with Blanche's leader, but we didn't hear even a sentence from that in Rettousei.

In the School Tournament arc, they act like there were some "rivals" that could stand against Tatsuya's athletes when in the main anime, they were literally stomping the opponent. There was not one time when Tatsuya's athletes were in trouble.

And above that, they just stretch side character monologue so much it's annoying. And it's not even teaching you anything about them, just the same "I won't give up, I won't give up" bullshit.

In conclusion, if you ever thinking about watching this show, don't. Cause it's not even the life of the side cast, which would be an interesting show. (Like Kagaku no Railgun for example) It's just the main anime script which is Rettousei, but stretch with bullshit in it. AND you don't get to follow Tatsuya but Miyuki. And you learn nothing about Miyuki cause it's the same exact character than she was in Rettousei.

So yeah, take the main anime, remove Tatsuya, remove the interesting confrontation he's included in and just focus on the bullshit on the side. Like in DBZ during the fight between Goku and Frieza, you get to know how the Namek people lived their life. Or in One Piece when Luffy is fighting the CP9, you go inside the life of a Marine soldier in the fort. Or (if you don't know DBZ or One Piece shame on you) in Naruto when he's doing the Chunin exam, you have a show telling you about what happens in the teacher's room. But like, you learn nothing, it's just teachers drinking coffee for 13 episodes


I read the Rettousei LN of the arc showed in this anime and yes, everything that happened in this anime WASN'T even in the LN. I heard that there is another LN specifically on Yuutousei but in my opinion, that's really just the author trying to milk the franchise. If he didn't put anything in the main source work which is the Rettousei LNs, that's just fillers made to sell more books.