Sep 25, 2021
Milim9255 (All reviews)
I loved Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, I gave it an 8/10! But this show, Yuutousei, does not live up to its predecessor whatsoever. The premise of this show is that it takes the exact same events from Rettousei, dumbs them down, and adds more incest. The best part about Yuutousei, in my opinion, is the sound design, not really a great compliment in perspective of my other ratings since this is a TV series and not a CD. The art is good, but the characters seem flat and one dimensional. This show is a hollow shell of Rettousei with all the goodie scooped out. Yuutousei feels like it exists solely to pander to your nostalgia of Rettousei and has barely any story of its own. I would only recommend you watch Yuutousei if you REALLY like the original Rettousei story and want another perspective, although not a very engaging one.