Sep 17, 2021
Garbagepickles (All reviews)

So, Hamefura season 2, it's a solid anime and I enjoyed it. Its story was eh, but when you watch it, it's fun.

Art was great, sound wasn't really noticeable (imo) and the characters, oh man the characters. Since their gimmick was introduced in season 1, I wont really touch on that. So, the characters, they are very fun to watch and their interactions are hilarious, but their mindless obsession to Katarina just takes away points for me. I know that that is a trope in harem, but damn do they take it to the max, however, that's what makes the show good. Let me explain, the over the top character tropes are what makes the show enjoyable and fun to watch, but at the cost of the overall character rating.


New characters. First is Sora, he basically kidnapped Katarina and fell in love with her, classic Katarina. He's purpose is basically, "I was bad, but now I'm good, we get his sob story and that's about it. Thought, he adds to the overall story, indirectly setting up Katarina's and Geordo and playing as a companion in the rescue Keith arc. Next, is Lana, she's just there to expand the world and to bring more things about magic and stuff. Then there's, Frey and Ginger, Ginger is just a Katarina admirer, that is all, and Frey who is inspired by Katarina and has a date with Nicol. They don't add much to the overall story, just new harem members I guess. Last, is the bear (Alexander), he's just comic relief. Then again, this whole show is comic relief with a dash of cringe and clichés.

Next, my main problem, the story. Ok so, the story is very wacky and weird. first, you have kidnapping of Katarina, this gives a love interest and accomplishes nothing, except make the harem more protective. They give no real motive behind the kidnapping, because "I was just being used". This arc also brings Katarina to realize that Geordo actually loves her, which is a nice plot point and is really fun to watch. Next is the Magic Association mini-arc. tbh I was excited, because they would expand on the magic, but no, they just added magic items, and not the characters using magic, so that was a disappointment. Last, is the Keith kidnapping arc, more dark magic shenanigans and Keith confessing love. This part was pretty cringe, but most last arcs are cringe and full of clichés. Then the ending, in harem fashion, ends with no one winning, and it basically staying the same, other than the growth of Katarina and Keith. Their growth basically is, Katarina, realizes that people actually lover her and that makes her feel flustered and Keith, who is now open about his love for his sister. Still, I enjoyed watching it, because of the stupid nonsense, since this anime is just stupid nonsense ( I really can't stop stressing this point).

Overall, cringe at times, decent character development, wacky shenanigans, but still being very enjoyable.

(Note I kinda forgot most of the details of the plot, I think this is accurate tho)