Sep 17, 2021
RPWPA (All reviews)
I know I wrote a review 2 months ago giving the anime a 3/10 before, but I never actually expected it to continue to be this bad. So here is full review of the entire season.

I really dislike generic harem anime. The ones where the MC has a conversation with a new girl and suddenly, she falls for him with almot zero reasoning. So color me surprised when there was a show that is even worse than that. One that pushes that idea too far that just by looking at someone, the person falls for him regardless of their gender.

Hamefura 2 is probably the worst harem/reverse harem I have ever seen.


It has been a while since the last sequel that made me really disappointed in an anime. I guess it was to be expected for this one as the ending of the first season was fitting enough and a perfect stopping point. I liked the first season of Hamefura and I even gave it a 7/10 in my list but the moment season 2 was announced, I felt like it would be a repition of the first season but I didn't expect it to be this bad.

To sum it up, the first season was following this pattern, MC is a goof and she meets someone, tries to avoid her death flag and then that person falls for her. There were some characters that had decent reasons that could justify that and some that just felt forced. This season however, the whole reasoning was thrown out of the window (bar 1 character).

It goes as follows,
Katarina: *Exists*
Everyone: *Falls in love*
It became even more shallow than the first season and the anime doesn't try to justify anything at this point. It's like they are telling us that because she is the MC, it is natural to fall for her. I have seen better in the worst harem anime that I have watched over the years.

The characters didn't get better as well, they are either the same as season 1 or even got even worse.
We have ones that stayed consistent like Maria and Nicol. You can even argue that a character like Alan became better.

Then there are ones that got worse like Katarina who became downright stupid and Gerald and Keith who became way too annoying.

The new characters have been nothing but fodder to add to the harem with Anne being the worst one out of them and Selena being the best.

Finally, we have Mary who is pretty much the worst character in the anime with how obnoxious and rude she is. Probably the only character out of the cast that makes me wanna turn off the episode when she appears.

The anime is also full of random cliches. It also had the same idea repeated through 2 consecutive arcs. The idea of a kidnapping happening. The anime also used very bad cliches to solve both of them and trying to make you feel sad for the characters which was just forced and annoying. I didn't expect it to become even worse than before.

I get the idea that the anime is trying to maintain its over-the-top feeling but it isn't trying to do so at the moment. It's reusing the same idea a million times to the point it became stale. You could even have a counter of how many times the character were "surprised" by some random shit Katarina said even if it didn't make any sense at all. It also became unbearable how stupid katarina is when even after being pushed to bed and kissed, she still doesn't understand what was happening specially when her whole character before becoming Katarina was about her playing RomCom games.

The anime no longer tries to do or justify anything which is a point I never saw in the worst harem shows that were being produced in 2018-2019.

Overall, I would give it a generous 2/10. Great art but nothing else is worth watching bar like 1 or 2 episodes which I think one of them was a filler.
Wouldn't recommend it.