Sep 17, 2021
KANLen09 (All reviews)
It's more of the dense Black Hole Bakarina and her reverse-harem dousing comedy bits on your screen! And you'd think of this very question: "Catarina has already friendzoned everyone, and the supposedly doom flag is pretty much gone now, so where could Season 2 go at the very least?"

My answer to you: More relationship shenanigans with Catarina being love-blocked at every corner, especially with her love interests solidified that is Geordo, the adopted brother Keith, and the rest of the character cast whom doesn't want to let Catarina go for their own embellishments. And embrace it with fun, laughter and happiness...down by a notch.

To compare the story elements between both seasons, Season 2 takes a noticeably deeper dive into the side quest that is the whole "dark magic" realm with the engagement with the Department of Magic in dealing with new issues with the head of the Deparment of Magic Larna Smith. Some new characters are weaved into this scenario, like Rufus Brode in the whole Stuart family debacle of becoming king, and Keith of his status as ths son of a mistress in the complicatedness of the Claes family name. In the midst of all of this, the dense Catarina will always be dense, but at least she is made aware of their advances which are more fervent and with motive than the last.

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same as what you'd expect of Season 1 in the same tried-and-true forumla with a few improvements on Silver Link's part, and an OST which I felt that while it was good, it was a step downwards. So if you liked what the prequel showed, then the sequel here will not disappoint you, and vice versa if otherwise.