Sep 17, 2021
Marinate1016 (All reviews)
Hamefura X is basically everything from season 1, improved and turned up several notches. In short, if you liked season 1, you’ll love the second season as the stakes, plot and characterisation see dramatic improvements.

Hamefura season 1 was one of the most talked about shows of 2020. It was really a breath of fresh air for the isekai genre. There hadn’t been many otome style isekai, focusing on female MC’s with harems. There was comedy, a ditzy MC and lots of fun slice of life moments. While the season was great, I feel it lacked depth at times. I struggled to really get an idea of the direction of the story other than Bakarina having to eventually choose who she’d be with romantically.

This season did a much better job of advancing the overall story, developing Bakarina and the side cast and creating drama. With the exception of a couple anime original episodes, I really enjoyed the more serious tone that we got this season. While that usual comedy is definitely still there, it does feel like there’s a lot more serious heartfelt moments with characters this time around. I think the pacing was awesome as well. The mini arcs that characters got in episodes were the perfect length and flowed seamlessly.

The art is just as good as the first season, it feels like they picked up everything right where they left off. I hope that will be the case for a season 3 as well. Really, watching this is a no brainer if you enjoyed the first season you’ll find the improvements a welcome addition.

I think Hamefura could be a turning point for the isekai genre and as a result we’ll see more Otome style isekai series adapted. While I love the usual OP male MC shows, it’s nice to get a change of pace, different scenery and a different type of story every now and again. Given the commercial success of the anime, BD and LN’s, I’m confident this is the start of something great.

Hamefura X gets 9 out of 10.