Sep 14, 2021
kekegururibad (All reviews)
I am not joking when I say this is the worst piece of media I have ever, EVER consumed. I wish no one, not even hitler or stalin or fu**ing karl marx to ever ever ever have to watch a second of this piece of garbage that people call entertainment. The fact this even has a single positive review is mind boggling, 7.2/10??? 7.2 out of fu**ing 10???? I would say watch this if you want something that is so surprising in that fact that it can pull so much sh** out of its ass that you both expect because of how trash this sh** is whilst also not believing that it could get worse.
Don't watch this, don't let this review convince you into watching this, don't let anybody convince you into watching this, if you want an anime thats so bad its funny then watch kings game or fu**ing highschool of the dead or something. Not this, never this. Don't let yourself watch this, please don't.

music is p good tho

Or as my friend would put it
This sh** is the worst thing i have ever watched in my entire life. I would rather have a red hot needle jammed in my di** hole than watch this one more time. wtf is wrong with this show. Everything sucks, the characters have literal no personality other than being sexually attached to fu**ing gamgling. And what in the fu**ing jesus christ mother the lord mary is the story. There is literally no endpoint in sight. and people call this good. These people make biden look like einstein. And are the writers ****** or are they trying to make this bad. I have never wished for death more than watching this. This show makes the holocaust look like a fu**ing carnival. I would legit rather be butt fu**ed with no lube by a big brolic black man named requis than watch this piece of human mother fu**ing garbage one more time.