Aug 17, 2011
cim101 (All reviews)
I wrote this review simply because there is one positive and one negative already existing review, thus i wanted to help tip the scales.

Story 7
I liked the premise for the story very much and was excited to see how they would write it. I did like the story and how it was being written, however, sometimes i found the arcs' explanation to be a little confusing. The other thing is that they tended to make an arc a couple of chapters longer than it really needed to be. Thankfully, there were a couple of fun chapters between each major plot line because it allowed the reader to take a break from the heavier side of this manga.

Art 7
The art was good, nothing amazing but it was far from bad. The action scenes were a little messy, but really not to much to complain about.

Character 7
These characters were your regular shounen stereotypes one would expect to see. You have your short tempered, act first think later type of guy, you have your cold personality aloof who has dark hair and an even darker past, and finally our weak protagonist who is constantly being saved by our male heroes yet has some abnormal abilities of her own. Nothing too special, but it is a tired formula that proves to work relatively well, at least for this manga. The one thing i liked about her was that she usually slipped into the background during the fight scenes so you didn't really see her enough to start to hate her.
The side characters were entertaining but probably my favourite character of all is zarame (even though he barely speaks). I guess i just like the concept of a mini shinigami.

Enjoyment 8
I actually did enjoy this manga, there were a few quarks that i found to be unique that made me want to keep reading. The concept was cool, the characters worked well, and even though a little confusing at times, you get the general gist of things.
i would recommend it, so hey just go for it. Will it be the best thing u ever read, probably not, but its a good enough story with a few laughs and enough character development.