Sep 12, 2021
Mukho (All reviews)
There will never be a show like Dragon Maid. I would never imagine that a sequel would make me wanna love the prequel even more. Dragon maid S has been a joy ride for me. I have been waiting every week and watching every second of the show. It feels like im in their universe and honestly feels like ik the characters personally.

OP and ED : 10/10
i have never enjoyed the ost(opening sound track) more. it gives an old school anime ost vibe which brings back memories. i have never skipped the ost and havent regretted it spending hours listening to them.

Story : 10/10
the second season tried to dive in the story of Illulu and at the same time concentrating or id say giving time to each of the existing characters which was done beautifully. So if i'd say about the story without giving spoilers, then its a vanilla slice of life which is toooo wholesome to exist.

kanna is too cute omfg