Aug 16, 2011
asckj1 (All reviews)
Oh gosh. so many switches of the girl protagonist between the two guys >.< That was horrible. Every episode I just kept wondering How is it darn allowed for the girl to switch her love interest every time she gets hurt and the first one who comes to sooth her broken heart suddenly becomes her love interest !?!?!

Story[3/10]: I was very displeased with how the characters especially the girl protagonist acts. She has be shown to have a tanned skin due to her beeing a swim team member in the past. Come on !! They could have shown some competitions of swimming. Her achievements in the field, and how she couped up in adjusting in society somehow despite her skin colour. But NO. Nothing of that sort. Its just girl likes guy. He likes her back. But there's her so called friend there always to ruin her life (So darn hated her in the show.) They break up somehow. There's another guy who also kinda likes her. Then she starts liking him too. But he has another true love pfffffff. My eyes were rolling cause of all the pointless scenes. Jeez *sigh*

Art[6/10]: Not the best of art but its watchable. Not too much of background scenery.

Sound[6/10]: Voices were good for all characters. The openeing is kinds fun to listen to.

Character[4/10]: All fail. Indecisiveness, Weakness, Dumbness, its all there.

Enjoyment[4/10]: The romantic moments between the characters were shown fairly not in some darn ecchi partly hentai manner in which most series now a days have started to show. That's about the only thing I was satisfied with.

Overall[6/10]: All in all really disappointing storywise. But if you want to pass time try it out.