Aug 13, 2011
AquaHaze (All reviews)
For any slow paced slice of life series, there is always a challenge of not being boring. A-Channel does manage to stay above the boredom zone (most of the time) making it a decent slice of life anime. It is a nice series which makes for a very relaxing watch

A-Channel revolves around 4 high school girls and their everyday lives. The setting itself is a bit overused but that doesn't mean that it's not good. The slow pace combined with the setting gives it a light and relaxing atmosphere. Despite the slow pace, rarely does A-Channel feel boring. The comedic moments are up and down, some are pretty funny while others don't seem to work. Considering the setting, it's pleasantly surprising that only a few of the events are cliche. However there is hardly anything memorable in A-Channel because the setting is not unique and it's missing that wow factor

Being a slice of life, A-Channel is mostly character driven. There is the Run, who is an airhead, Tooru, who is overprotective of Run and reckless, Nagi, who is level-headed and Yuuko who is very timid. The contrasting personalities of each character really makes A-Channel fun to watch and it injects life into the series. Individually the characters aren't very diverse which has it's own pros and cons. On the upside it prevents the series from being confusing and makes the it a relaxing watch, not making us think. Also, because this is a slice of life series, it is really not necessary for the characters to be complex. However on the downside the characters aren't very memorable and makes the characters seem two dimensional. It would've also been nice to see a bit more of the side characters as they hardly made appearances at all.

The art is very nice. The characters look very cute, the animations are fluent and the backgrounds are nicely drawn. The art matches the the lighthearted mood of the series and also gives it a certain charm.

The sound is also pretty solid. The OP, 'Morning Arch', is very catchy and upbeat. The ED is alright, it did feel like a proper closing though. There are also numerous insert songs which are sung by the seiyuus, which was a nice addition. The voice acting was solid, each seiyuu did a good job voicing their character in every given situation.

Enjoying a slice of life anime is something not everyone can do, and A-Channel is no exception. If you are not into the slice of life genre, then the slow pace of A-Channel can make the series feel boring. However, if you are into the slice of life genre, A-Channel is enjoyable, relaxing and can clear one's mind if they had a rough day.

A-Channel has it's flaws but overall it's a nice series. It fails to be something really memorable but it was fun while it lasted