Aug 12, 2011
melancholylover (All reviews)
The whole purpose of this manga is to show the alternate world shown in the disappearance. The story is that Nagato has a crushon Kyon and she's shy about it. I actually like Disappearance Yuki more than the silent, emotionless one, and disappearance was a great book and movie, so i really enjoyed reading this.
One of my favorite parts about this manga is Asakura, she was not a Yandere in this, but she was Yuki's best friend who tries to set her up with Kyon, but Yuki does not follow through, but at the same time she is over protective over Yuki. She does not want Kyon to do inapropriat things with Nagato.
The art is kind of sloppy and half the time the characters are chibi, but as the series progresses, the art does.
Mostly I like this series because it's a different take on the Haruhi series. And i bet all thos KyonxYuki lovers kiss this thing every night