Apr 17, 2008
Trejo (All reviews)
If your looking for an action packed manga with a dose of comedy as well, then I highly recommend Fairy Tail.

Short Summary:
The story looks at the Adventures of Natsu, a fire based mage, and Lucy, a young mage with the goal to join the mage Guild called 'Fairy Tail' which Natsu is from. The encounter each other and after a battle involving another mage, they eventually head back to Fairy Tail where a whirlwind of adventures begins to ensue.

There are a lot of things that makes this manga awesome. The characters for one are great. There are a range of personalties in this series and you will quickly find yourself liking a certain character as they are just so appealing.

The action and fight scenes are really Good. Fairy is the first manga I picked up after Bleach and I really wondered what it would be like to watch an un-animated fight scene, but Fairy Tail has consistently blown me away with the action and art quality.

How can I know comment on the comedy factor. Right from chapter 1 Fairy continues to provide not only action and a good story line but a lot of funny moments which you would not soon forget.

Overall this series is awesome an being new to manga has made me wish I had picked up manga a long time ago. Can't wait for it to get animated.

Highly recommend this!!!!!