Aug 10, 2011
setogirl2 (All reviews)
strange that i see only one review on this manga although it`s such an amazing manga

story : natsume yuujinchou talks about a boy who can see youkai the main idea might sound so not original but i advice you not to give up on it just because of that the story progress and the themes of the chapters are the description of originality itself (the book of freinds , good youkai , bad youkai ,the ugly fat cat lol ,freindship , love ) the manga is full of different themes and different situations also what differentiates this from the normal youkai mangas is that this one has no extreme violence in fact it`s totally the opposite it has a very peacefull atmosphere in it

art : well it`s not my fav though after being animated it looks very refined in the anime but in the manga itself i didn`t really fall in love with it

characters : well i can`t really decide on the characters that well they kinda grab your attention because they all have their unique side but sometimes some of the characters appear so normal i guess that`s one of the charms of the manga it shows all sides of the characters well

all in all i love this manga

also if you love this you better try other manga by the same author i read a lot her stuff and they are mostly enjoyable