Apr 15, 2008
Monkey_D_Luffy (All reviews)
Basically a demon detective, Neuro, comes to the human world from hell and teams up with a girl, Yako, whose father was murdered. Basically the story is then done is a mostly episodic manner, that is every episodes, sometimes every 2-3 episodes, are a new case. But as you progress through the cases and the episodes, you witness a lot of growth with Yako and in the end the mystery of her father's death is obviously resolved. The cases aren't really always that great and are usually pretty easy in terms of solving and predicting, but there's some nice ones, and either way, the cases are still enjoyable. The whole supernatural aspect of it makes it take a different approach than most detective and mystery shows, which I think is good.

The artwork and animation was very nice. The close-ups on Neuro's eyes and face were always spectacular because they displayed so much detail, but then there would be other scenes where his face would then have a really simple and comedic look at the right situations, which was good. There's also some pretty good angles and visual effects to accompany it all.

The OP is a cool song by Nightmare (same band that did 1st Death Note OP,) which I think a lot of people, including myself, enjoyed. The ED was a nice soft song that always ended the episode nicely. The sound effects and background aren't anything special really, but by no means bad. That goes for the voice acting as well.

Neuro is an awesome character...just had to say that first. Anyway, yeah, I think the cast is pretty good. You got this demon detective straight out of hell that uses these cool techniques (777 tools of the underworld) and is pretty damn strong, and a school girl whose greatest love is eating and food and isn't really a good detective at all, yet gains fame as a detective, however she understands human ways very well, which makes her a good asset to Neuro. Then there's the other characters like Godai, Sasazuka, Ishigaki, who all are pretty likable. And then the line-up of criminals and murderers, particularly Sai, who I won't mention much on because I don't wanna spoil anything.

Well, like I said, the murder cases aren't that great, but the supernatural element of it makes the cases still pretty enjoyable. There's some good action here and there, mostly fighting between Neuro and Sai. There's plenty of blood to go around, so if you particularly like that, this won't let you down. And lastly, it is also quite humorous at times, especially when Neuro purposely degenerates Yako and Godai.