Jul 24, 2021
GrayRealm (All reviews)
It is not that great. It starts out interesting, but quickly loses steam and switches to a fairly slow-paced uneventful mode. The visuals are fairly typical and do not exactly shine, backgrounds aren't that great, however there are at least two nice voice actresses, which voice side characters.

In greater details.

Story: 5/10

The source material for this work isn't bad but isn't stellar either (I used to read it long time ago till it sort of fizzled out). There was a great potential here for some sort of conspiracy or political play, but it isn't realized because the world and characters aren't fleshed out with sufficient details. For example among anime there are 12 kingdoms and somali to mori which portray very detailed and very different world. There's nothing like that hre, everything's a bit simplistic and is used to show that the hero is a nice king.
That isn't a whole lot of fun, and because of this at the moment Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu looks more promising than this.

Art: 5/10.
It is thoroughly average except that backgroudns are a bit bad. There isn't a whole lot of details on character, the animation isn't stellar, but there are no awful CG graphics, aside from background, that is.

Sound: 6/10:
Voice actresses for Aicsha and Liscia seem to stand out among the rest of the cast, with Liscia being specifically convincing. That's why it gets six.

Character: 4/10:
Characters themselves, however, aren't that great and do not get much time to show off their traits/personalitiies. Things kind roll along with the story instead.

Enjoyment: 5/10.
I didn't quite enjoy it. The beginning was interesting, but the very next episode was significantly weaker.

Overall: 5/10:
At the moment those series do not seem to be very promisiing, and appear to be more useful for scenario when you want to kill some time and have nothing else to watch. There are some fun minor details, but it isn't amazing and it isn't a "must see" series. For now, at least.