Aug 7, 2011
lisnoire (All reviews)
Chikyuu Ga Ugoita Hi centers around the 1995 Kobe earthquake and its aftermath and is a great look at the positive aspect of the collective conscious that holds the Japanese people together in times of crisis. While not on the same level as Grave of the Fireflies, or Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, it is well worth watching, especially in relation to the recent earthquakes and tsunami in northern Japan as it

Background art is pretty good but the character designs and animation are nothing special. Sound must have been average because I didn't notice it either way. Just set some of the technical esthetics aside and focus on what is important about the story.

The action and drama revolves around a 6th grade boy, his family, classmates, and teacher. We get a look at their reactions to the trauma of loss, how it changes their take on the important things in life, and how they continue to live and grow even under the weight of unimaginable devastation.

Some of the supporting characters are quite memorable, particularly one venerable old woman in the group shelter who taught the kids the true meaning of survival. A few of the volunteer workers were quite endearing as well.

Even though it isn't perfect and a bit dated, don't hesitate to give this movie an hour+, but be advised, if you are a bit of a softy, you will shed a tear or two.