Jul 21, 2021
maturenough4this (All reviews)
This series frustrated the hell out of me. At first it played as recovering musician, then as slice of life, then as drama, then as competition, and finally coming of age story.

The most frustrating point of all though is the ending. I genuinely don't know what to think about it. The primary character, on the final episode has the equivalent occur to him: arrow to the knee, stabbed in the back, lying on his deathbed with his eyes closed, then opens them.

I cannot put into words how blue-balled this anime left me. I'm either incredibly inept for not getting this ending or this anime is a spectacular, staged train wreck. Mashiro no Oto had the momentum of a blue whale swimming at top speed, it was beautiful, it was going places, but the whale put on the breaks and stopped just before the cliffside, then faked its death to get an insurance payout.