Jul 21, 2021
IntrigueTangiers (All reviews)
To be honest, i'm disappointed.

Ah, Gintama, you used to be great a long time ago, what happened? "The Final" symbolizes the fall from grace of an once amazing series, that started losing steam along with its self-awareness.

I'll go straight to the point: My main complaint about this movie (which also applies to the second half of Gintama as a whole) is that it deviates from what made it actually interesting on first place. Making fun of most anime tropes through witty parodies and non-stop references? Nah, let's became one of the things we used to laugh at (a standard, uninteresting battle shounen) instead. How ironic.

As such, "The Final" ends up carrying the flaws that marked the second half of the story: a generic and over the top "lets-save-the-world" plot filled with some of the most cheesy dialogue i've ever heard. Jesus, a good chunk of these one-liners made me physically cringe. It was a faithful adaptation, that's for sure; but when the only thing that's left is a half-baked mess, there's not too much to do.

A comedy show like this could've done way better with a less "epic", more open ending. Before that, it should have tried to tie up some of the plotholes that were left (like Gintoki's past, which was incredibly left aside) on a less pompous manner. You know, some short but probably better written arc on the vein of Yoshiwara and Benizakura. Yeah, those were the good ol' days. But it seems like Sorachi got a bit too ambitious and things went out of hand.

And i don't usually complain about production values, but i'd be lying if i said this movie wasn't lackluster in that aspect. The animation was so incredibly cheap and clunky. And the close-ups and transitions... at times i felt like i was watching some kind of cheap soap opera. In retrospective, it made appreciate a bit more these episodes which consted of a single frame with a lot of dialogue; at least that was more creative, funny and sincere.

Gintama was an anime on which i invested a considerable amount of time, and has been with me since the last year of highschool. It easily became one of my favorites, and i ended up getting attached to the majority of the cast. I repeat: as a fan, i'm disappointed. 4/10, with an extra point because of the opening and the post-credits scenes, which were more faithful to the true soul of the series.