Jul 9, 2021
Mixed Feelings
A pretty rare but fine anime. Haitai Nanafa is a cute little anime about a family that owns a soba shop. One day a spirit just sees them and it becomes a part of the family, so does another one. And you might not expect it, but even more spirits. The series is made of 12* 3-minute episodes so don't expect much plot or anything else than average comedy and the characters doing stuff.

The story is pretty average and cmon Japanese spirits and gods are an overused theme that can still be really cool if done properly or just implemented as a supporting theme, Haitai Nanafa failed on doing that and used the spirits as supporting characters and slackers. 6/10

The art is really colorful and the animation is smooth, with this art style some characters look weird and some kids have giant foreheads. Oh speaking of which, yeah most characters are lolis or teens. Something some people might not like but I did not since it wasn't overly sexualized or something like that. overall the art is fine. 8/10 for 2012

The voice acting is decent and the series has no openings and one ending, "Yuimaru☆World". To be honest this is the reason why I learned these series existed in the first place. It is a pretty popular song on the osu! rhythm game and I had to note down Haitai Nanafa in my list. Other than that, the ending is pretty fine and the song is pretty sweet and energetic. 8/10. Sound gets a 7 cause the voice acting was only decent.

The next category is the characters. Like I said most are lolis or children as a whole and if you play the series at a really slow speed and note down every single movement each character does you might find some personality but tbh most are pretty bland with hints of classic personalities to boost comedy. The only problem is that most are shy, energetic, or yeah these 2 with few exceptions. Overall pretty bland, uninteresting, and got no variety. At least they are interesting and funny but that doesn't hold them together. 6/10

I would give my enjoyment an 8/10 cause the series wasn't exactly extremely funny or was packed with intellectual or fun jokes. Most jokes were bullying one of the spirits or in general doing psychical damage and not actually talking.

In short, Haitai Nanafa season 1 is a pretty funny anime about a family which runs a soba shop and the 2 spirits they meet. Not too funny but at least amusing and interesting due to the constant action and colorful artstyle. 6.5/10 but in fact a 6 and not a rounded 7 cause it doesn't deserve it. Still worth watching since it is 1.5 normal episodes and will give you a pretty fun time.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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