Aug 2, 2011
BlackTruth (All reviews)
Story 5/10
The story of Tama Hiyori (TH) is exactly as the synopsis states. The male lead saves a baby chick, afterwards, said chick turns into a actual female that does lay eggs. To me, this sounds like it could actually be a decent manga.

The problem is that the story doesn't really progress as you read the manga. You could very well read the first chapter and the last two chapters for all the information you need to know. Every other chapter feels like filler and is somewhat unnecessary to the storyline. You go through 9 chapters of indecisiveness, then the last chapter is practically thrown at you. The ending is completely predictable and boring.

For all the ecchi lovers, this is perfect, as clothes are always being torn off, and no real censoring is placed as cover-up.

Art 8/10
The drawings are really well done. No doubt, this is the best part of this manga. The background images are average, but this takes place in a school, alleyway, and an apartment room, so not much detail needed there. The ecchi is done nicely too. Unlike most ecchi/harems, the boobs in TH are still big, but are a believable size.

Character 5/10
Here are all the characters:
Taishi - typical male lead in a typical harem
Hiyori - female lead, the chick that was saved
Tama - female 'born' in the middle of the series
'Class Prez' - female, tsundere role
Mike - female cat, just randomly appears in the manga

This manga only contains 5 re-appearing characters, only 3 are necessary to the story. I have a thing for tsundere so the "class prez" was my favorite. Everyone else was somewhat unlikeable IMO.

Character development was non-existent, as the only character you truly know about is the one that was "born" in the middle of manga. The male lead is typical, oblivious to everything. The main females, prez and hiyori, are not aggressive, which is unusual in a harem. It isn't until the 11th chapter, when the story picks up, then ends with the 12th

Enjoyment 3/10
This manga did happen to draw a few chuckles out of me, but that was literally in the first and eleventh chapter... every other chapter was painfully boring to read. Personal experience, i read the first 7 chapters, stopped for about 2 months, then decided to just finish it. I am not a fan of ecchi either, and the typical "whoops i tripped, exposing your [uncensored] breast and/or [somewhat censored] crotch" is not funny... as I stated before, with the non-aggressive attitudes, they don't even beat the guy afterwards

Overall 5/10
Tama Hiyori does give you something to look at, with the nice drawings, but the story is forced and predictable.

Read if you like ecchi, harem situations... otherwise i suggest you find something better to read, which would not be that hard to do