Jun 30, 2021
Resting_Bonfire (All reviews)
Dragon Ball Z Movie 14: Kami to Kami

How much can you cannibalize a franchise? Toriyama shows us this and more with his ongoing films and the new DB Super Series. Even if I have to admit that the latest Broly movie was quite a surprise.

However, this is about the film in which the new setting and concept of Dragon Ball are presented. Together with the showpiece "Beerus, God of Destruction" and the angels.

In terms of content, this film only has to offer music and animation, it is easy on the eye. But it was that too.

The whole subject is a blow to the eye. The gods, "Saijayin God", the pure souls, everything is just pulled up by the hair. This should have been marketed as an alternate story, like DB GT. Instead, they were added to the canon without context and there we have the salad.

Among other things, it is fascinating how the characters continue to develop backward from film to film and season to season.